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One of the things we like most about our online gigs is that you can do so many things during the concert that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were sat in a venue. From tucking into a cheeseboard, to crocheting a witch’s hat (yes, that’s a real example), our audience can do all sorts of things whilst enjoying the music. 

We’d love to get your ideas on the weird and wonderful things that could be done during our gigs, so we’re launching our new competition, I Gig It My Way, to highlight the possibilities! We’d like to encourage all of you to send us some suggestions of things you could do in our gigs that you couldn’t do in a venue – the stranger and funnier the better – and in return, you could win a ticket to a gig of your choice. 

How to win

You’ve got until midnight on 31st October to send us your suggestions, either serious or silly! This could just be a few words to explain your suggestion, or you could include a photo or video to illustrate it (we’d love that). 

To enter, you can either share your suggestions on Twitter or Instagram by tagging us (@LiveToYourLR) and using the hashtag #IGigItMyWay, or if you prefer, you can email your suggestions to lucy@livetoyourlivingroom.com.

You can send as many suggestions as you like! We will share some of our favourites on our social channels, and then pick an overall winner.

We can’t wait to read what you all come up with…