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Top quality artists. Gig-quality sound.
No queue at the bar.

Live to your Living Room is specially curated programme of events designed to deliver the very best of the folk, roots, and acoustic music scene LIVE into your home.

Our unique online gigs bring artists and audiences together in real time; expect music, chat, applause, and a surprisingly intimate feel.

What they're saying

“We knew our gig would be fun and worthwhile, from a few previous artists’ experiences, but we weren’t expecting it to have the adrenaline, anticipation and real contact with our audience that we have been missing so much. It totally did!

This is better than ‘making do’. This is something new.”

– Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

“I was really surprised how well it recreated the feel of being at a live event with other people – it was great to be able to clap and hear others clapping. I left feeling exhilarated and like I’d experienced something really special and unique.”

– Audience member

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