How does it work?

Booking tickets

 Where do the events take place?

All Live to your Living Room online gigs take place in Zoom, so you can watch from the comfort of your own home. You will get the best experience by downloading the Zoom app from

What time is the event?

All Live to your Living Room online gigs are listed in UK time, so please check your local time difference if you are watching from outside of the UK.

How many tickets do I need to buy?

You need one ticket per household / per device that you want to log in.

How do I know how much to pay?

You can choose whichever of our payment options suits you best – no catch, no questions. Some people may choose to pay a bit less if they can’t afford the standard price, or if they’ve arrived half way through a concert but still want to join! You might be used to paying a concession price for things, in which case feel free to choose our lower price band. Some people choose to pay a bit more because they want to support the artists, and are in a position where they’re able to do that. Sometimes there might be two or more people watching from one device, so you could choose to pay a bit extra to reflect the fact that you don’t need to buy a ticket for each of those people. 

Mainly though, don’t worry too much about it! Pay what suits you – no catch, no questions.

What does ‘gig-quality sound’ mean?

It means we have a team of professional sound engineers working on our online gigs, who are mixing the sound live just as they would for an ‘in-person’ gig.

How do I get access to the event?

When you book for an event via this website you will get a confirmation email, which contains all the details you need to access the Zoom event. If you scroll down to the bottom of that email there is a link that says ‘Join this meeting’ which you can click on directly.

When should I receive my confirmation email?

You should receive this almost immediately once your payment has gone through. Please don’t wait until just before the show if you have any issues with this!

I haven’t got a Zoom link?!

The emails are automated so occasionally things do go wrong. If you don’t receive your confirmation email containing your Zoom link within a few minutes of making your booking then don’t panic, but DO check your junk mail or spam folder, and if it’s not there then email It’s best to get all this sorted at the time of making your booking, rather than waiting for the event to start. Please remember the ONLY way to view these events is with a link we have emailed to you.

What if I miss the event? Can I catch up afterwards?

Our online gigs are LIVE and aim to recreate the feel of an in-person gig as much as possible, so we don’t currently record them to stream afterwards. The fact that everyone is there and watching together is one of the things that makes them really special. There is an ‘Add to calendar’ button embedded in your confirmation email so you can easily add the event to your e-calendar and it will pop up a reminder for you in advance.

Can I buy a ticket on the day of the event?

YES! The beauty of this is that you can buy a ticket for any of our online gigs right up until the start of the event – and even after it’s started if you want! You will be emailed a confirmation automatically giving you access to the gig, and we will be monitoring our emails in case there are any problems.

What if I arrive late?

That’s fine, we’ll still let you in, whatever time you arrive!

Do I have to sign up to a subscription to view the event?

NO. If you are being asked to sign up to a subscription service then chances are you have clicked on a link from a scammer. We do try to keep on top of these, but they still keep popping up! If you see a link that you don’t think is a genuine one please do let us know – anything that doesn’t link back to this website is most likely a scam.

In Zoom

I don’t want people to see me eating my dinner!

You have the option of turning your video camera off when you join the event, and you can turn it on and off at any time by clicking the ‘Stop video’ button in your meeting controls. It’s entirely up to you whether you have your video on or not – the artists do usually enjoy seeing a few friendly faces on screen though!

I don’t want to watch other people eat their dinner!

You have the option of how you view the event, which on a computer you access through a button on the top right of the Zoom screen. Speaker view will show you whoever is talking loudest (so it will sometimes flick between people when they are clapping, for example), gallery view shows you lots of boxes with all the different people in the meeting. You can also use a function called ‘Pin video’ which sticks up one video and keeps it there the whole time, regardless of anything else. To do this, hover over the video you want to pin, click on the three dots that appear in the top right corner, and select pin video.

Can other people hear me?

At the start of each event our MC will explain how things work – we ask that you stay muted while the artist/s are performing, so no one else will be able to hear you. Please do feel free to unmute at the end of each song to give the artist a round of applause – they really do appreciate it! Bear in mind that any other loud noises in your vicinity will come through your mic while you are unmuted. We have a team of stewards on hand to mute people if things get out of hand though!

Isn’t the sound in Zoom a bit rubbish?

It can be – Zoom is videoconferencing software and isn’t really designed for music, but we’ve got a team of professional sound engineers and we ship specialist equipment out to each artist so that we can create the best sound possible for you. Some of it will depend on your set up at home, but if you’ve got a decent computer speaker then the sound from our online gigs will be comparable to playing a CD or streaming music from your computer.

What if I need help once the gig has started?

We have a team of stewards in each of our online gigs ready to help you – you can use Zoom’s chat function to contact us during the performance.

There are one or two things you can try yourself:
1) Zoom Speaker and microphone test – accessed by clicking the little arrow next to the microphone button in the main meeting, or through audio settings.
2) Leave the meeting and rejoin – the Zoom equivalent of turning it off and on again!
3) Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Zoom

If I have to leave the Zoom meeting can I join again?

Yes, our team of stewards will be on hand to let you in again ASAP.

Can I chat to my friends during the gig?

While the artist/s are performing you will only be able to use the chat function to contact stewards. This is because every chat message pops up a notification onto the screen, which can be very distracting for artists and other audience members. Remember these are live concerts; sending chat notifications during a performance is the equivalent of talking loudly to your friend in the front row of a concert so the performers and the rest of the audience can all hear you! The chat will be open in the interval and as people are arriving, so you will be able to say hello to anyone you know then.

Will there be an interval?

Most of our online gigs are between 90 minutes and two hours long, usually with two sets lasting roughly 45 minutes, and a ten minute interval in between. There will be top quality refreshments available in the interval (assuming you’ve done your shopping) and we guarantee that there will be hardly any queue for the loos!

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